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I would like to say thanks to Terence and Franca for the support and guidance they provided me to breakthrough into the Canadian labor market. I am delighted to share that I got a permanent position as a “Financial Analyst” in Scarborough at Quality Natural Foods Canada Inc.

Your efforts gave me the chance to get the co-op opportunity at “Maple Leaf Foods” for 8 weeks, but after 4 weeks, they gave me a three (3) month contract as a "Cost Analyst". Within that time, I was already exploring the market and got an opportunity in Quality Natural Foods as a “Financial Analyst” and the most important thing is that it is a permanent position.

This is all due to Terence's and Franca’s efforts for which I am very thankful.

At last I would like to say that, NCP is playing a vital role in helping newcomers settle in Canada in all stages of life.


Faisal Malik

Class FD39


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