Community Connections.

Find out about your local community and what’s out there for the adults, seniors and youth. Strengthen your network within community.

Community Connections

Adults Activities

Community Connections - Adults Activities

Community Connections provides adult newcomers with help to establish professional and social networks so they are engaged and feel welcomed within their communities. The creation of welcoming spaces and communities effectively engages newcomers through increased accessibility, customizing settlement services and maximizing public community spaces.

We foster engagement between immigrants and Canadians to involve newcomers directly in the community through mentorship opportunities, sports and recreational activities, community groups, participation within school councils, etc. Through activities and partnerships there is an increased public awareness and understanding of settlement and integration issues. Partnerships, promotions and planning sessions allow Community Connections to bring together diverse organizations and welcome immigrants into their local community.

Community Connections offer access to a Resource Centre that provides up-to-date information on community events, settlement issues, schools (colleges/ universities) and employment opportunities and preparation. Assistance is available through literature, media, Internet and on site staff. Access to Internet ready computers and printers is provided.

Youth Activities

Community Connections - Youth Activities

The Community Connections Youth program provides recent immigrants between the ages of 13 – 24 years old, with assistance in establishing a network. This in turn fosters independence and engagement into their local community. Our activities are designed to enhance English communication and encourage interaction within society. Through specially developed activities, we strive to enhance each individual’s self-esteem, allowing for increased confidence and ability. Our goal is to ultimately create self-confident, independent and academically successful youth.

Activities within the Community Connections Youth program include:

  • Homework Help
  • Team Sports and Exercise
  • Music and Drama
  • Arts and Photography
  • Extra English Support
  • Cooking and Nutrition
  • Field Trips

Our program also encourages relationship building between immigrant and Canadian youth, through mentorship, access to the Resource Centre , team sports, workshops and community participation. From these opportunities, youth gain:

  • Independence and self-confidence
  • Enhanced communication skills in English
  • Increased academic ability and comprehension
  • The development of leadership skills
  • Acculturation and integration
  • Behavioral and psychological progress
  • An increased comprehension of the importance of civic participation
  • An understanding of the benefits of exercise and nutrition
  • A desire to engage in community volunteer projects


seniors activities

The seniors program is specifically designed to engage newcomer seniors in various activities and partnerships within the community.

Services include:

  • Computer classes
  • Activities in English & conversation circles
  • Low impact exercise, promoting healthy living
  • Fun social events and gatherings
  • Volunteering opportunities

These activities help immigrant seniors forge new friendships, overcome loneliness, and maintain good health. NCP is a friendly, safe environment, inviting all newcomer seniors to get involved!

This program is funded by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

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